Hello Exodus Leaders

So you are about to start working for Exodus. What do you need to know to do the job properly and be a great ambassador for Exodus Travels?

The Exodus Leader Induction Module (LIM) will tell you everything.

The LIM does not aim to teach you how to be a tour leader from scratch, but together with the Leader Handbook, it will take you through how Exodus expects the job to be done.

You will learn something about the company as well as the Exodus leader role – both the practical elements (such as using our standard paperwork) and the wider picture of how an Exodus leader can make our customers’ adventures truly special.

Once you have completed the LIM, read and understood the Leader Handbook, picked up some paperwork, and been given a briefing by your local manager – you’ll be ready to lead an Exodus trip!

The Exodus Leader Handbook...

This is the key resource that clearly explains all you need to know about leading for Exodus. You will need to read it before you complete the LIM, refer to it during the LIM, and keep it with you when you start working for Exodus. Your local manager should provide you with a printed copy.

If you don’t yet have a copy, print it from here now

What can I expect?

It should take approximately one hour to go through the process. You can come back to it if you need to, but it is designed to be completed in one go.

First you’ll be asked to register some details. Then you’ll be taken through 13 mini modules which will be the learning sections. Some mini modules include knowledge check questions which you will need to get right before you can move on. Some include sound and video, and others are mostly text explanations.

Once you have been though all the mini modules, you will need to do a 30 question test to finally complete the LIM. You need to get at least 27 of the questions correct.

Before you start The LIM you’ll need…

  • An email address for yourself (for registration)
  • To know your manager’s email address (so they can be informed once you’ve completed the LIM)
  • A PC, Mac or Tablet – you will struggle to make this work on a smartphone
  • A modern browser – Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Headphones or speakers. There are two videos which have sound, but it is possible to complete the LIM without sound
  • A printed copy (in colour if possible) of the Exodus Leader Handbook
  • Enough time to complete it in one go! Allow an hour or more

For support, please contact OQ@exodus.co.uk

What will happen once I have done it?

You will be sent an Exodus LIM certificate and completion number by email. Your manager will get the same email. You will be given links to check that you have all the correct Exodus paperwork, and you will be invited to join the Exodus Leaders Worldwide Facebook group if you have not done so already.